Ministries of the Church

Discipleship Class

The church will start a discipleship class in which Mulenga will teach theology and leadership lessons to pastors and other ministry leaders.

College Ministry

Lusaka has over 12 colleges and universities including the country's largest, the University of Zambia. We will be dicipling students in order to raise a generation of godly leaders.

Alcohol and Drug Abuse

Zambia has been recorded as the second highest user of marijuana in the world. Zambia has historically faced significant problems with alcohol abuse. Substance abuse invariably leads to broken families, unemployment, crime, and abuse. The ministry will address these issues with the hope that comes only from the gospel and through prayer, counseling, and transformation programs.

Ministering to Prostitutes

The prostitution rate is rising in Zambia and with this has come frighteningliy high levels of HIV/AIDS and other STD's. Over 17% of Zambians have contracted HIV/AIDS. Poverty and dispair draw many young girls into prostitution. The ministry will provide a way out of this life with the gospel and through prayer, counseling and transformation programs.

Prison Ministry

In 2014 over 18,000 Zambians were incarcerated in jails and prisons as they either awaited trial or following a conviction. Each week we will preach the gospel message within Lusaka's prisons.